Netflix Live-Action Cowboy Bebop Trailer Released

Netflix Cowboy Bebop

Netflix have released a trailer for their upcoming live-action adaption of classic anime Cowboy Bebop. 

While production began in October 2019, it was halted after John Cho suffered an injury on-set. While this delay was set for seven to nine months; the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown orders caused further delays. Filming resumed in New Zealand in July 2020, and it was later confirmed anime series composer Yoko Kanno would be working on the soundtrack.

Executive producer Javier Grillo-Marxuach stated in June 2020 that the Netflix adaptation is not meant to be a “replacement” for the original. While saying this however, other changes such as Faye’s outfit being “toned down” and diminishing the glamorization of smoking were mentioned. Intersex character Gren will also be “reimagined” as non-binary in the live-action adaption; and portrayed by a non-binary actor.


The two trailers include “The Lost Session” teaser trailer from earlier this month, seemingly being an original short rather than directly from the show itself. The new trailer seems to show scenes from the show, though the teaser trailer may hint at some of the editing techniques the final show will use.

You can find both below.




While both trailers have largely positive ratings, the show may have an uphill battle to win fans over. After fans were critical of a first look with the costumes, Daniella Pineda- the actress for Faye Valentine- took to Instagram and gave an mocking apology dripping with sarcasm for not being “six foot, double D sized breasts, two inch waist,” and an accurate costume would have been “tissue paper.”

The original director of the Cowboy Bebop anime Shinichiro Watanabe mentioned in a 2019 interview that has now resurfaced that he disapproved of the pitch, and had “no choice but to pray and hope that it will turn out good.

A poll in May of this year issued to Japanese viewers of video distribution service 1Screen asked what anime titles they wanted to see Hollywood adapt into live-action. The outstanding answer was nothing.” 



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