Netflix is adding commercials for some subscribers

Netflix is adding commercials

We’ve learned Netflix is adding commercials for some subscribers, as the video streaming giant seems to have a change of heart about remaining ad-free.

Netflix COO Greg Peters described including advertising as “an exciting opportunity” for the company in a new earnings call. The Netflix announcement comes a week after Disney stated that it would launch an advertiser supported tier for it’s steaming service Disney+.

News that Netflix is adding commercials for some subscribers comes soon after their 50% drop in share price over the past month along with the loss of 200K subscribers in the beginning of 2022.

Netflix clarified that unlike its streaming competitors, the company would launch its ad-supported plans without any data tracking or ad-matching (which is unlikely).

Currently Netflix offers three subscriber plans ranging from $9.99 to $19.99 the difference is how many screens can be used at one time. As details about Netflix’s commercial plans are revealed to the public, we’ll pass them along.

If by chance you’re looking for a free ad supported streaming service there are already many options available such as Tubi and others. Sure, the movies are not great but you get what you pay for on a free content service.

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