Neptunia VS Giant Dogoo gets full reveal with opening movie and more

Neptunia VS Giant Dogoo

Compile Heart has fully revealed their recently announced Neptunia racing game, Neptunia VS Giant Dogoo, with a mix of gameplay info, the opening movie, and more.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its first info and screenshots:

Five goddesses blast through an interdimensional world! The story of the battle against Suraine, the Giant Goddess, begins!

This is a motorcycle action game starring “Uzume Uranus,” who played an active role in “Neptunia: Neptunia VII,” as well as the four goddesses Neptune, Noir, Bale, and Bran, who fight each other for Dogoos in a fierce clash.

The game features a fast-paced motorcycle action game with the four goddesses Neptune, Noir, Bale, and Bran also appearing in the game! The game features the thrill of collecting Dogoos to create “clumps”!

Movement of the bike! The game is an irresistible, new kind of fun.

Story & Worldview

This is a different world from Gameindustri… A large number and variety of Dogoo have sprung up and are about to fill the land. In order to escape from this mysterious and different dimension, a girl seeks a way out on a motorcycle.

Ride a motorcycle and blast away! Collect all the Dogoos you can find! Ride a motorcycle through a stage full of dogoos! Collect the unique dogoos with your skillful handlebars. The stage will be cleared when you can collect a predetermined number of Dogoos! Rivals to collect dogoos also appear!

Players are not the only ones trying to collect Dogoos! Enemies who control motorcycles as well as players are waiting for you in each stage. If you get too many Dogoos, you can get attacked by others. If you can hit them right, you can take away a lot of Dogoo!

Playable Characters

Uzume Tennouboshi (voice by Mariko Honda)

A manly and dreamy girl who wandered into a world infested with Dogoos. We’ve got to get rid of them and join up with the others as soon as possible. The protagonist of this story lives in a world called the Zero Dimension. She has a rough and determined personality, but she’s also very loyal and affectionate, and often calls her friends by their nicknames. She also has a side of a maiden who likes cute things. While being chased by the mysterious Dogoos, she searches for her friends who were supposed to be with her. She wonders where she is and what the hell is going on. In order to find out what’s going on, she runs around kicking dogoos and her friends to the curb.

Neptune (voice by Rie Tanaka)

Full-throttle goddess of acceleration, tension, and love for Dogoos! Planeptune’s guardian goddess. She is the main character of the series, cheerful and full throttle on her motorcycle and tension in any situation. In a strange place, she somehow fell in love with Dogoos, a monster, more than anything else. She doesn’t seem to remember anything about why she loved Dogoos so much.

Noir (voice by Asami Imai)

Noir is a young woman who is worried about the future of Dogoo and her friends. She is the patron goddess of Lastation. She is serious, responsible, and caring, and often takes on the role of a tsundere. She has a strong attachment to Dogoos, a monster, and is willing to sacrifice herself for her own prosperity.

Blanc (voice by Kana Asumi)

A silent bookworm goddess who plots the founding of the Dogoo Empire. Lowee’s guardian goddess. She is an avid reader and usually has a calm and cool personality, but when she gets angry, she suddenly turns into a violent person. In order to establish the Dogoo Empire out of her attachment to Dogoos, she focused on developing and promoting Dogoo goods.

Vert (voice by Rina Sato)

A goddess of benevolent sisterhood who treats those who come and those who leave equally as younger sisters. Guardian goddess of Leanbox. She is an older lady with an elegant atmosphere and a classy tone, but in reality, she is a serious gamer otaku who loves online games. She is the only one among the four goddesses who has a strong attachment to her younger sisters, perhaps because she doesn’t have one. Perhaps because her desire for a younger sister was so strong, she mistakenly recognized Dogoos as her siblings, and she was trying to create a paradise for herself with Dogoos and the others.

Neptunia VS Giant Dogoo (not an official English title) is set to launch for Switch, PS4, and PS5 on June 27th in Japan.

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