Nekopara Vol.1 Censored on PS4

After several reports of Sony’s new policy on sexual content in video games, it seems another game has been censored to make release on PS4 – the eroge visual novel Nekopara Vol.1.

The game has had its sexual content altered. While the official Neko Works confirmed there would be “no white rays” covering up some of the more lewd scenes (referencing the censorship in Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart), the final game did have several alterations.

Twitter user dolly_silent cataloged what they claim are the changes between the Japanese PlayStation 4 version and Switch version. While the Switch version had added more steam to the bath scenes, the PlayStation 4 version allegedly added even more and thicker steam.

Another alleged change includes the removal of a “bounciness” slider – an option that made the character’s breasts bounce more exaggeratedly when moving, and being able to tap their portrait to make them hop in place. While you are still able to “pet” the characters, it does not make their breasts bounce.

As a brief aside, an individual on YouTube has claimed the bounciness option is still hidden within the game. It should be noted that neither Switch nor PlayStation 4 versions of the game contain any sex scenes – and that an “R18+” mod can only be downloaded from a separate website and applied as a mod to the Steam version of the game for that user.

While the game has an age-rating of M for Mature on Nintendo Switch and the game contains the mature and nudity tags on Steam, the game only has an age rating of E for Everyone on PlayStation 4. Additionally, despite the PlayStation store’s display of the age rating, the ESRB website still categorizes the game on PlayStation 4 as Mature.

Nekopara Vol.1 is available now on PC, PlayStation 4 and Switch.

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