Neill Blomkamp wants to do a Metroid Movie

Metroid Movie

Now that Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. Movie is a smashing success, everyone is wondering what their next game-to-film adaptation will be.

While another Mario-themed movie would make sense, some are hoping for Nintendo to adapt their other IPs – as suggested by Shigeru Miyamoto himself – like the Metroid franchise.

Acclaimed filmmaker Neill Blomkamp was asked if he’d be down to make a Metroid Movie for Nintendo, to which he obviously said “Yes.”

Blomkamp is known for his breakout sci-fi thriller film District 9, which featured aliens co-existing with humans but then bad things, including body horror, happen.

He seems to be most comfortable in the genre, as his later films Elysium and Chappie were both sci-fi, so a Metroid Movie makes sense.

The real question will be if Nintendo is comfortable doing a live-action adaptation after the disastrous 90’s Mario Bros. movie, especially after their all-new and all-CG Super Mario Bros. Movie is selling like gangbusters.

Nintendo boss Miyamoto recently said there’s “no doubt” they’ll make another film, and noted they want to expand beyond games being the single pillar of their business. Further, he likened Nintendo to a “talent agency” where they can achieve growth through their various IPs.

Partial live-action worked out for Sega’s ongoing Sonic the Hedgehog film and TV adaptations, the latest of which includes a live-action Knuckles the Echidna TV show, with Idris Elba returning to voice the red rival.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is airing in theaters right now. In case you missed it – find our thorough and spoiler-free review on the movie here.

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