Scorn-inspired horror game Necrophosis reveals first trailer


Indie developer Dragonis Games has revealed the first teaser trailer for Necrophosis, a new horror adventure with dark puzzles and ghostly visuals.

Necrophosis is in development within Unreal Engine 5 for Windows PC (via Steam), though a release date wasn’t announced. A playable demo is planned.

The game draws heavily from Polish painter Zdzisław Beksiński, H.R. Giger, and a similar indie horror game Scorn, which has been available on PC (via Steam), Xbox Series X|S, and PS5. Check out our review here!

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its first eerie trailer:

Necrophosis invites you to immerse yourself in a mystical puzzle adventure set in a surreal universe, the environment itself becomes a nightmarish masterpiece, filled with unsettling shapes and haunting visuals.


Billions of years after the universe met its demise, you awaken in a realm where death reigns supreme but even death may die.
Necrophosis, the curse that plagues this world, inflicts decay upon everything it touches. Here, amidst a landscape crafted with meticulous care, dread and decay permeate every corner. The characters of this world, infected by the curse, embody the very essence of decay.

With every turn you take and every sigh that escapes your lips, you bear witness to the relentless touch of decay. Necrophosis weaves its grim tapestry, enveloping you in a haunting journey through a macabre world where death is not an end, but a pervasive reality.


In Necrophosis, visuals are just the surface of a deep, immersive experience. Delve into a world where every element is steeped in a rich backstory, where each step forward unveils a new layer of mystery. As you progress, you’ll encounter mechanics that challenge your wit, each puzzle a piece of a larger, enigmatic narrative.

Prepare for a journey of discovery and introspection, where every event is a unique encounter, and each solution leads to deeper revelations. Whether through haunting narrations or evocative poetry, Necrophosis weaves a slow burn of intrigue, drawing you into its captivating tale with every twist and turn.



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