Nebuchadnezzar releases The Adventures of Sargon DLC


Nebuchadnezzar is a city building game that takes place in ancient Mesopotamia that keeps getting support post release.

In their latest update, developer Nepos Games added a new story-based DLC and all new features to the base game in update 1.4.

Nepos Games detailed the new features coming to Nebuchadnezzar in their latest press release.

The classic city builder Nebuchadnezzar has just received a major 1.4 update with warfare mechanics and the story-focused DLC The Adventures of Sargon.

The main feature of the free update is warfare. Players will be able to build barracks and train different types of units, each with a different role in tactical battles. These battles do not take place on the player’s map, but on a special screen that simulates the battles of the period.

In keeping with the city-building spirit of the game, warfare is designed in such a way that your city-building and management skills are still the most important. And while you must protect your city from external threats, you can also take advantage of the benefits that a strong army can bring to your city.

The update also introduces walls, which can be used to either secure your city or protect your people’s homes from industrial pollution.

Along with warfare, diplomacy has also been revamped, with more types of relationships and benefits, as well as improved favours, requests and gifts.

Developers have also increased the size of all the maps in the base campaign, something that many players have requested. And as always the update is bringing many others changes and QoL improvements.

The Adventures of Sargon DLC

The Adventures of Sargon is a story focused DLC that lets players take on the role of one of ancient Mesopotamia’s most famous rulers, Sargon II, and relive all of his major campaigns and achievements. Put down dangerous rebellions, conquer the surrounding empires and ultimately restore the glory of the Assyrian Empire.

DLC includes all-new campaign with 15 missions and fully voiced dialogue system.

Nebuchadnezzar and the DLC The Adventures of Sargon is available now on PC (via Steam).



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