NASCAR racer miraculously qualifies using move he practiced on Gamecube

NASCAR Ross Chastain

NASCAR racer Ross Chastain managed to qualify in fourth place during the Xfinity 500 race and will proceed to the Championship 4 playoffs – thanks to moves he practiced in a video game.

In an interview, Chastain explains he considered the move because it’s one he used to do on the Gamecube in the video gameNASCAR 2005″. During the final lap of the Xfinity 500, Ross Chastain stole fourth place by accelerating alongside the wall.

This meant that instead of slowing down to take the turn, he used to the wall to turn his vehicle and transfer his momentum, so he could slingshot passed the other racers.

It was a Hollywood moment because Chastain was firmly behind when he made the move, you can see the burst of speed when he slingshots around the corner and only just takes fourth place at the finish line.

Of course video games aren’t real life, and a move like this has real consequences. There’s the danger involved in grinding the wall, and also the damage to property, both to the vehicle and to the race course itself.

NASCAR Cup Champion Kyle Larson offered his thoughts and called the move “embarrassing” and further elaborated that there “needs to be a rule against this one because I don’t know if you want the whole field riding the wall coming to the checkered flag”.

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