Narco Tycoon Announced For Windows PC, Nintendo Switch

Narco Tycoon

Ultimate Games S.A. and Type The Name Studio have announced a new business management game called Narco Tycoon.

The game releases in 2022 for Windows PC (via Steam), and Nintendo Switch. In Narco Tycoon, players build, expand, and manage their own drug empire. Create farms and processing facilities, hire employees, research new technologies, and defend your operations from rival syndicates and the police.

You can find the announcement trailer below.

You can find the rundown (via Steam) below:

Narco Tycoon is a simulation game about building a drug empire.
Grow your business, become independent, destroy or ally with other syndicates and take control of drug trafficking in the region.

You will start your path to greatness on a small piece of land. Build a farm and make sure it turns into a thriving business. Build first drug factories and start processing your resources.

Employ workers, develop new technologies and create efficient chains of productions.

Take care of safety, buy the best equipment for your people and destroy the competition directly or finish them economically.

Use your influence and take control over the city!

Game Features

  • Manage employees, take care of their needs and control their loyalty
  • Build farms and drug factories, create and optimize chains of productions
  • Invest in new technologies to increase the quality of your products, gain access to new drugs and better facilities
  • Develop your employees skills, equipped them with best stuff or hire specialists
  • Fight, negotiate or sabotage other drug syndicates
  • Hire your own drug dealers or trade with friendly syndicate
  • Use your influences to control politics and keep the police away from your interests

Image: Steam

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