N1RV Ann-A Delayed to “When It’s Done”

n1rv ann-a

Developer Sukeban Games have announced a delay for N1RV Ann-A, their sequel to VA-11 Hall-A.

The 2018-announced cyberpunk bartending sequel was originally set to release sometime this year – now it’s being delayed to “when it’s done.”

“Well, the short of it is as follows: For the time being we’re changing N1RV Ann-A’s release date to an indefinite one and we’ll start shifting our public push towards other projects,” Sukeban Games writer and programmer Fernando Damas said.

He added, “N1RV Ann-A’s production won’t stop or slow down but it also won’t be our main promotional focus for a while.” Coming from this, Damas also noted that Sukeban Games may have other games to reveal in the following months, before the launch of N1RV Ann-A.

N1RV Ann-A is currently planned for a release across Windows PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.



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