Mysterious Cites of Gold is Getting A PC Release and Localization


Thanks to the magic of Kickstarter (Read: You guys) a video game based on a French cartoon from 30 years ago is not only being released in English and host of other languages, but the game will also receive a PC port in addition to the already planned 3DS, WiiU, and mobile versions.

The game was originally intended to only be released in French territories to support a currently airing second season of the cartoon. Now the whole world gets to join in and experience the adventures of Estiban, Tao, and Zia.

I had no idea what Mysterious Cities of Gold even was before checking out this kickstarter, but god damn  if it isn’t charming. The game is already complete and the Kickstarter has already reached it’s initial funding goal. If you’d like to help the game reach even more people across the globe, please consider checking it out HERE.

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