My Clueless First Friend anime premieres this Spring

My Clueless First Friend

The upcoming anime adaptation of My Clueless First Friend will premiere in April as part of the Spring 2023 anime season.

My Clueless First Friend is the anime debut of creator Kawamura Taku who’s known for their distinct art style. Kawamura is popular for his stories featuring young romance, which brings to mind another creator with a distinct art style.

My Clueless First Friend follows the story of Nishimura Akane, a shy and gloomy girl in elementary school who’s teased by her classmates.

However, life changes for her when the transfer student Takada Taiyou joins the class. Rather than join the teasing, Taiyou wants to be Akane’s friend and his stupidty and earnestness allow him to accidentally turn situations back on the bullies.

The series will premiere on April 9.



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