Mushoku Tensei Removed From BilliBilli Due to “Technical Issues”

Mushoku Tensei

The recent isekai series Mushoku Tensei has had its episodes scrubbed from the Chinese streaming platform BilliBilli. While the platform cites technical issues as the reason for the removal, some fans are reluctant to believe.

Mushoku Tensei was subject to controversy in China allegedly after Chinese e-celebrities took offense to the shows content. Most notably they expressed incredulity at how anyone could enjoy a show where the protagonist is a “loser”.

Discussion of the show’s removal from BilliBilli and the motives were discussed heavily on the MyAnimeList forums. In the thread, one user explained that one Chinese influencer allegedly went as far as to say “Normal people won’t watch Mushoku Tensei because they don’t need to earn satisfaction from a loser, only garbages watch the show”.

Such extreme criticism could be levied at the show due to the performative activism encouraged by China’s “Social Credit” system. CCP-Aligned Global Times went on to misrepresent the content of the show and claimed “the lead character uses psycholagny to give his underage niece an orgasm”. 

While the series has lecherous comedy, this event never happens in the show. The protagonist before he gets reincarnated doesn’t even attend the aforementioned funeral; let alone somehow psychically give his niece an orgasm.

Between the intense criticism and the convenient “technical difficulties” BilliBilli is facing, it’s reasonable to speculate that the show has been unofficially banned by BilliBilli, if not China itself.

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