Muse Dash gets new collaboration with maimai DX

Popular rhythm game Muse Dash does not shy away from collaborations, boasting more than 400 songs and multiple collaborations with big titles.

Muse Dash previously collaborated with Arknights, Touhou Project and DJMAX Respect, but they are not done yet.

Their latest collaboration is with maimai DX, the Japanese arcade rhythm game. This event is limited until 2026, so Muse Dash fans don’t need to be in a hurry, but it’s best not to forget about it.

You can read some of the announcement details below:

Collab music pack [maimai DX Limited-time Suite] will be available from Feb 1, 2023 – Jan 31, 2026! It features 6 new songs. Unlock it to obtain 1 new title screen and 1 collab illustration~

The new song [Flower, snow and Drum’n’bass. – kanone feat. Sennzai] is added with the hidden sheet. Long press the cover to unlock it. Anyone interested in giving it a shot | ω・´)

Log in during Feb 24 – Mar 5 to claim a Valentine’s Day-themed illustration, or by collecting chips later. Weibo’s 100,000 Followers congratulatory illustration has also been added to leveling-up bonus!

The collaboration is already undergoing and has some amazing art, as is customary with Muse Dash.

Muse Dash is available on Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows (through Steam).



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