Multiple Theaters Re-Open in Japan, Begin Reporting Box Office Results

Japan has re-opened multiple theaters, after the coronavirus pandemic prompted a state of emergency in many of Japan’s most populous prefectures.

Box office ranking website Kogyotsushin has resumed posting weekly and weekend box office results, after over a month of silence following the closure of Japanese theaters due to the state of emergency across Japan.

The top 10 rankings for the weekend of May 16th and May 17th are as follows via Kogyotsushin.

1. Spirit of the Spirit Cafe “Extra” The Real Exorcist

Nikkatsu 1st week
[Director] Masakazu Oda
[Cast] Miko Chikaku / Mirai Irako / Rin Kijima

2. [Weathering With You]

[Director] Makoto Shinkai
[Appearance] Daigo Tora Takuro / Nana Mori / Tsubasa Honda

3. [Parasite]

Bitters End 19th Week
[Director] [Bong Joon-ho]
[Cast] Song Gan Ho / Jang Hye Jin / Choi Usuik

4. I Tried to Die Once

Shochiku 9th week
[Director] Shinji Hamasaki
[Starring] Suzu Hirose / Ryo Yoshizawa / Shinichi Tsutsumi

5. [Your Name.]

[Director] Makoto Shinkai
[Cast] Ryunosuke Kamiki / Moon Kamishiroishi / Masami Nagasawa

6. Shin Godzilla

[Director] Hideaki Anno
[Cast] Hiromi Hasegawa / Yutaka Takenouchi / Satomi Ishihara


Warner 9th week
[Director] [Cathy Yan]
[Starring] Margot Robbie / Ewan McGregor / Mary Elizabeth Winstead

8. Yayoi, March-30 Years I Love You-

Toho 9th week
[Director] Kazuhiko Yukawa
[Cast] Nami Ru / Ryo Narita / Sugisaki Hana

9. AKIRA IMAX Version

Toho 7th week
[Director] Katsuhiro Otomo
[Cast] Mitsuo Iwata / Nozomu Sasaki / Mami Koyama

10. [Midsommar]

Phantom Film Week 13
[Director] [Ali Aster]
[Cast] Florence Pew / Jack Rainer / Will Paul Tar

Translation: Google Translate (Adjusted for accurate translation of names)

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic (also known as COVID-19 officially, or Chinese Flu to others) has affected many worldwide, from businesses to public gatherings and events.

This includes postponements of GDC, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the physical events for EVO 2020 and Tokyo Game Show 2020, and cancellations E3 2020 (including digital events), the physical event for Gamescom 2020Comiket 98, and MAGStock 2020.

We also reported Kerbal Space Program 2 being delayed to Fall 2021, and the Fairy Tail JRPG to July 30th in Europe and July 31st in North America.

The Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering are mapping the virus’ spread [12]. As of this time of writing, there have been over 5.128 million total confirmed cases worldwide, and over 2.829 million active cases. There have been over 333,000 deaths, however over 1.966 million people have made a “total recovery.”

In Japan there have been 16,424 total cases (2,975 active cases), 777 deaths, and 12,672 total recoveries.

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Image: The Real Exorcist official website

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