Slapstick platformer Mr. Sun’s Hatbox announced

Mr. Sun's Hatbox

Publisher Raw Fury and developer Kenny Sun announced Mr. Sun’s Hatbox at Gamescom 2022.

The slapstick-comedy roguelite platformer is coming to Windows PC (via Steam) and unspecified consoles sometime in 2023.

Here’s the first trailer for Mr. Sun’s Hatbox:

Here’s a rundown on Mr. Sun’s Hatbox:

You wake up. It’s an average Tuesday. You put on your favorite green cap, hop in your trusty delivery truck, and begin the day. Your first delivery: bring a nondescript box to a hat shop. What could go wrong? Little do you know… everything. As you hand the package over to unremarkable local business owner Mr. Sun, a trio of troublemakers rush up, steal the box, and make a run for it. You will not stand for it. You do not disappoint your customers. Your other deliveries can wait. You must recover Mr. Sun’s Hatbox at all costs.

From your humble beginnings as a one-man-delivery-band, you’ll build up an organization of reformed hat-thieves to send on both covert and chaotic missions. As you progress through each level, you’ll curate a closetful of stylish headgear, recruit a bumbling bunch of brainwashed bandits, and collect an assortment of weapons, ranging from the practical to the ridiculous. Upgrade your base, your team, and your tools so you can take on the more dangerous Hat Heists, and with every successful return, you’ll get one step closer to returning the package that started it all to its rightful home.

The Base

You’ll call your base home and headquarters as you pursue your noble quest of returning the stolen package to Mr. Sun. You’ll begin with a small base – only the essentials – and build it out as the story progresses. Over time, you’ll gain new rooms and research new abilities, allowing you to grow your team, upgrade your gear, and maybe even start a couple side hustles to pad your wallet.

A few rooms to get you going:

  • Missions: Embark on increasingly daunting missions for increasingly cool rewards
  • Storage: Marvel at all the sweet, sweet hats you’ve collected
  • Staff: Check in on your staff and see who’s got some time to kill
  • Brig: Brainwash newly-kidnapped prisoners so they can join your staff!

The Mission in Mr. Sun’s Hatbox

Every day, you’ll send a staff member on one of 3 platformer missions, each featuring different objectives, environments, threats, and rewards. At the start of each mission, you’ll select an employee to take on the task, equip them (if you want), and prepare for the hurdles ahead. Sneak through for a quick and clean escape, or go in guns blazing – either way there’ll be lots of loot to collect and new recruits to capture. This is a business, after all.

Once you’ve completed enough missions, you can take on a dangerous but fruitful Hat Heist, collecting crowns, progressing the story, and introducing new perks for you and your team. Once your Showroom is glittering with jewels, you’ll be ready for a whole new kind of challenge.

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