Mr. Beast makes over $250k on first X video

Mr. Beast

Content creator Mr. Beast announced that he made over $250,000 USD for a video he posted on X (formerly Twitter).

In the months since Elon Musk took the helm of Twitter, the platform now called X has been trying to entice content creators to post there. Whether it’s viral posts now eligible for cash payouts for X Premium subscribers, or posting videos directly, X has been trying to attract big names to post their content.

Few content creators are as big as Mr. Beast, a YouTube star with over 25 million X followers and over 233 million YouTube subscribers. After being enticed by X to try it out, Mr. Beast posted a recent video on the platform on January 15. In a week, he’s allegedly made over $250,000 on it.

Before you begin cranking out video content for X, Mr. Beast acknowledged that results may vary. He’s a very big name and his upload to X was widely publicized, possibly inflating the ad cost for his work. But, it’s evidence that Twitter might be a valid (or at least supplementary) host for content creators to post their work.

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