Slice of life action-adventure game MOTORSLICE announced


Indie developer Regular Studio has announced MOTORSLICE, a new “slice of life action-adventure game” inspired by the Prince of Persia series.

MOTORSLICE is in development for Windows PC (via Steam), though it won’t release until 2025.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its reveal trailer:

Inspired by the Prince of Persia series, traverse liminal brutalist landscapes and fight massive heavy machines in this slice of life action-adventure game.

Get in, eliminate all the machines, get out. That was the job. But upon arriving at an abandoned megastructure, a girl named “P” discovers an imposing dreadful machine, and she soon realises that this is no ordinary job.


  • Fluid acrobatic gameplay. Climb, run and slide your way around.
  • Sharp your senses with addictive and brutal fast-paced combat. You die easily, but you kill easily.
  • Climb massive heavy machines in epic boss fights.
  • Traverse liminal spaces and parkour through brutalist landscapes.
  • Minimalist atmospheric adventure with hardcore challenges.
  • Slice of life story about a girl doing a routine job in a megastructure.
  • Gorgeous pixelated modern low-poly graphics.
  • Solve problems with physics oriented objects.



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