Morgana’s Report #2 Preview Video for Persona 5 Royal

Atlus have released more information on Persona 5 Royal via another Morgana Report.

While in Japanese, we have managed to break down the information.

Kasumi Yoshizawa & Other Characters

The new party member Kasumi Yoshizawa has the Confidant Arcana “Faith” also called “La Foi.” Her Persona is called “Cendrillon,” which is Cinderella’s name in a French opera (of the same name) based on her fairy-tale. It uses Bless and Physical attribute skills.

While the other party member Personas have some affinity with famous thieves, Cinderella seemingly only has themes of rebellion (going to the ball despite the wishes of her family, doing something not appropriate for her social class, etc.) Cendrillon not being a “thief” may actually represent elements of the story, as Morgana comments “Kasumi could be an enemy or ally.” Though this may be simple apprehension, as other characters comment on her being suspicious or should be outright avoided in the E3 2019 trailer.

There will also be “new elements” in the game surrounding Akechi Goro. Some reviewers were disappointed in the original game that certain elements of that character were not explored deeper. This might be what Persona 5 Royal addresses.

Morgana also shared a picture of Haru in her casual clothes. He also confirmed that the phantom thieves will all have casual clothes like this.

Palaces & Battles

A new kind of enemies called “Kyouma” will appear in Palaces. These powerful enemies can counter-attack every time they are hit- even on group attacking skills. When they are defeated, they drop rare items.

Palaces also have new treasures called “Ishi” (volition or will). Gathering all Ishi within a palace will turn them into an accessory that allows a character to use powerful skills. In the video, gaining three Ishi created an accessory that could let someone use the Diarama skill.

Joker can also use his wire to traverse around the Palaces more. Along with crossing large gaps and latching onto flying objects, if the player has confidant level 4 with Kasumi, they can use the wire to latch onto enemies. You then quickly zip towards them and start the battle with an advantage (much like approaching from behind).

There is more depth with gun customization this time around. You can adjust a gun’s accuracy or even cause it inflict debuffs and status effects on enemies. Ammo will also now be replenished after every battle, so players can use them more freely.

You can view the Palaces & Battles segment of the video below:

Other New Features

Finally, a gallery mode will be introduced to rewatch movies and events. More information on this mode will come later.

Persona 5 Royal is launching October 31st in Japan for PlayStation 4 and 2020 North America, Europe and Asia. In case you missed it, you can find our thorough written and video review for the original Persona 5 here (we highly recommend it!).

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