More Fire Emblem: Three Houses Characters Revealed

The official Japanese Fire Emblem Twitter has posted new characters for upcoming RPG Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

The new characters were posted over several days with small snippets of info along with a video showing off their Japanese voice actors and actresses. You can find them below:

  • Ferdinand Von Egil. Black Eagle.
    The eldest son of Duke Egil. The Egil family is also always chosen as Imperial Chancellor for the Adrestian Empire. He has a lot of pride in his heritage and hates losing. He seems to have a rivalry with Edelgard- despite being next in line to the Adrestian throne. The video notes he always acts with the upmost politeness and pride.

  • Mercedes. Blue Lion.
    Kind and helping others in need, she is actually a former aristocrat of the Adrestian Empire. She moved to the Faerghus Kingdom, and became a commoner. There, she studied at the Magic Academy in the Faerghus Kingdom’s capitol. Explaning she’s a little older than her fellow students, Mercedes explains she’s like the big sister of the Blue Lions.

  • Raphael. Golden Deer.
    A son of a merchant in the Leicester Alliance. His parents died in an accident when he was young, but he always remains upbeat. He wants to become a great knight. Rather than focus on his studies, he seems more interested in building his muscles and the cafeteria’s menu.

  • Bernadetta. Black Eagle.
    The only daughter of the Earl of Varli. Painfully shy and quiet, she only feels at ease when at home or in her dorm room. In fact, outside of lectures she is always in her dorm room. Her dialogue seems to suggest this is due to some kind of hobby, but we are not too sure of the nature.

Finally, we have information on characters who are not students. Famitsu have announced their next issue will delve into two characters important to the story.

Safe to say, their designs may indicate they are antagonists. The Reaper Knight and the Fire Emperor both work against the Church of Seiros, but for now we do not know anything else.

The magazine will release next week, along with information on the “Cooperation Plan” mechanic that involve multiple students. We will keep you informed as we learn more.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses will launch July 26th for Nintendo Switch.

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