Indie Japanese text adventure game Moonless Moon announced

Moonless Moon

Co-publishers KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO and Yokaze plus developer Kazuhide Oka have announced Moonless Moon, a new text-based adventure game set in multiple worlds.

Moonless Moon is in development for Windows PC (via Steam) and will launch sometime later in 2024. The game will support English, Japanese, and Chinese languages.

It’s worth noting the game is the work of sole developer Kazuhide Oka, the acclaimed indie Japanese creator behind games like Natsuno Kanata – Beyond the Summer and Piano at 5am, both of which haven’t been released in English but garnered cult followings and have overwhelmingly positive reviews.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its reveal trailer:

When night falls, she wanders into another world. Moonless Moon is a text-based adventure game following a girl as she travels through a variety of different worlds. Night brings her to a desert on the moon, a coffee shop inside of a tunnel, an island in the sky, and many more worlds beyond the realm of reason.

The Plot

Yomichi is a normal girl living an average student’s life—except for one thing: sometimes, after sunset, she finds herself transported into a different world.

Be it a desert on the moon, a coffee shop inside of a tunnel, or an island in the sky, she enjoys her time in these new places, making friends each time.

However, this leaves her with some questions. Do I really have to live in my daytime world? Is that life, the one where I go to school each day, the real one? In this story, she tries to find out more about the worlds surrounding her and what they mean for her.

The Characters

Yomichi, the girl who travels from world to world, and the many unique friends she makes in the process.

What makes it unique

Moonless Moon feels like a music video that you can play through, full of unforgettable art and music.

During the “riddle” parts of the game, you will have to complete the story yourself to go forward. These are fun, intuitive puzzles where you look for keywords and place them in the text.

Moonless Moon features several original tracks with animated music videos to go along with them. Dive into this unique world and its who’s who of musical talent.

Depending on your choices, the story will progress toward different endings.


ANMC is a project to create music and indie games based on the stories written by Kazuhide Oka. Several artists, including many from KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO, joined in, making for an incredible collaborative effort to produce an amazing array of songs.
Moonless Moon is the first work by ANMC.

The Staff

  • Scenario and development: Kazuhide Oka
  • Character design: Hizumi
  • Key visuals: Okusora Keita
  • Logo art: JEFF99
  • English Translation: Marco Godano
  • Simplified/Traditional Chinese Translation: flankoi
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