Monster Takt – A New SRPG from the Bravely Default Team

monster takt logo

Monster Takt – a new strategy RPG from the team behind Bravely Default – Silicon Studio, is coming to iOS and Android. It’s yet another monster collecting/battling game but it has quite a library of monsters to collect (over 300) and the art is pretty fantastic.

monster takt ss 1

In Monster Takt, players acquire the power of the Magical Takt – which allows them to calm and control monsters in battle. The world in Monster Takt is destitute because of the Demon Lord. Monsters roam free and it’s up to players to bring monsters under their control.

monster tak ss 2

Your success in battle is dependent on how well you form your party of monsters, and how strategically you play. Monsters evolve by collecting rubies and using them to initiate the evolution of each monster. You can also use monsters as ingredients to power evolutions to other monsters.

monster takt ss 3

The team is offering a free rare monster, Lapin, for people who register to the game before its release. The game will release this summer and it will be free to play – with a microtransaction store of course. The game is launching this summer on Android but it is coming later to iOS.

I think the game looks pretty awesome and is definitely worth checking out – what do you guys think? It is free to play, so there’s no excuse to not try it out and support how awesome Silicon Studio is.


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