Monster Hunter Stories Shows How To Steal Monster Eggs And Make Them Your Friends

With Monster Hunter Stories focusing pretty heavily on the ability to befriend monsters that the player will hatch, one of the more important parts of the game will be getting your hands on those monster eggs. Capcom released a new video detailing just how you’ll be able to steal monster eggs as well as how to hatch your new Otomon friends.

This video is the first in a series of videos in which players will be taught the way that Monster Hunter Stories works from Lilia. To begin with, you’ll need to find a monster nest while out exploring the field.

Often times, while searching for a monster nest, there will be a monster at the nest, sleeping or otherwise. While it’s obviously not the best idea to go after a nest with a monster patrolling, it’s relatively safe when they are asleep. You’ll need to sneak up to the nest and dig around for the eggs. You do need to be quick, though, as sleeping monsters can be woken up by your egg stealing activities.

Each time you pull out an egg, Nabiru (your Felyne friend) will give you a small clue as to what kind of egg you’re holding by saying things about it’s weight or scent. You can search for eggs in the same nest a few times, but if you hang around too long you risk waking that sleeping monster!

If you manage to successfully escape with an egg, you’ll need to take it to the stable Felyne, you can then set it with the rest of your eggs. And, from there, you’ll be able to hatch your new friends. Stats appear to be relatively random for each Otomon, and you’ll be able to name them when they hatch.

Monster Hunter Stories is releasing in Japan on October 8th, for the 3DS.

Also, be sure to check out the Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On anime, which started this past week! It’s a bit on the childish side, but is a fun little foray into the Monster Hunter world. And fans of the series will certainly enjoy all the call-outs to the game series.

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