Monster Hunter Rise Beginner’s Weapons Guide

Monster Hunter Rise is the sixth mainline entry the venerable co-op action series that emphasizes methodical and deliberate combat against enormous monsters. Naturally, this may become a barrier for those who may be casually interested in the series, since it has grown into a complex series with high level play.

There are 14 weapon types in Monster Hunter Rise, and each one offers a totally unique gameplay experience and comes with its own mechanics and depth. It can be a lot to take in at first and trying out each one might be bewildering to a newcomer.

The following is an explanation of six of the 14 weapons that are the easiest to get to grips with. Can’t figure out what kind of hunter you want to be? Overwhelmed by the options? Read our guide and gain a better understanding of what each of these beginner-friendly weapons for Monster Hunter Rise has to offer.

When Monster Hunter Rise begins and sets the player loose, the Long Sword will be equipped by default. This is because the weapon is not only in keeping with the feudal-era Asia motif, but also because this is one of the more reliable and easy to understand weapons in the game; it is nudging the player into using it.

Like many of the large weapons, Long Swords are slow and deal heavy damage. What sets this one apart from the others is how versatile it is, thanks to the wide range of combos it has. It does have many powerful thrusting attacks that demand a bit of accuracy on the player’s part, but connecting these will gore any betoothed and hungry monster.

Compounded with the countering ability, the special ability mapped to ZR is the Spirit Blade combos, which are some of the most powerful attacks in the game. Anyone who is comfortable with a samurai style of combat will be natural Long Swordsman. The only catch is that these weapons get dull pretty quick.


Sword and Shield is the jack of all stats weapon type in Monster Hunter Rise. It is reliable for its decent damage output, range of maneuverability and combos. These are fast and responsive to use compared to the Long or Great Swords, where much of the player skill requires a bit of timing and patience.

It may not be too showy, but it is a very pragmatic option for beginners. Anyone equipped with the Sword and Shield will find that the defensive options are varied, and that the shield is not only good for protecting yourself, but makes for a great blunt strike offensive too.

Using the wirebug in conjunction with basic attacks does a very wide spinning attack which has a tremendous area of effect. Just because it looks simple, does not mean it should be underestimated. Sometimes an effective weapon is the simplest.


Monster Hunter Rise‘s combat is centered on methodical and drawn out combat animation. New hunters may be at odds with this style of gameplay, and that is why the Dual Blades are an excellent choice for first timers to get to grips with the basics of what the game has to offer.

Dual Blades are fast and it is satisfying to connect many hits with them thanks to the range of combos they have. They are not only fast, but also cause effective damage should an intrepid hunter craft their Dual Blades from bone. They are versatile for having a ranged ability where users can throw an exploding kunai, or the different dash attacks to close gaps between a quarry.

The Dual Blades’ defining aspect is the their special which is called “Demon Mode.” At the cost of stamina, this devil trigger will expand a hunter’s move-set; like the ability to grapple upon a monster to continuously shank it. Anyone who prefers the most traditional style of action game will feel right at home with these.


The Great Sword is the series’ iconic weapon. Just by looking at them, it’s hard to not want to use them, and thankfully they are fairly user friendly and easy to understand. This is a slow and powerful weapon, and any hunter thinking of using these must keep that in mind when drawing out these tremendous blades.

There is nothing better than the feeling of a Great Sword’s edge connecting with the skull of a Diablos and breaking its horns. That is, if you can get the slow swings of these terrifying swords to land.


Anyone who prefers to keep a distance in a brawl will make excellent Light Bowgunners. What makes this weapon stand out from the other beginner friendly weapons is that it permits agile mobility and standard 3D third-person shooting controls.

This is a very safe weapon to use for anybody who wishes to avoid getting mauled. The trade-off is stopping power, but Light Bowgunners get to lay down mines, and also come with bonus evasive maneuvers that also can deal attacks.

Light Bowguns do require to have ammo loaded into their chambers, but this also opens of the options when engaging monsters. Many of these creatures have weaknesses, and this weapon is good at exploiting this thanks to the function of different elemental or status effect ammunition. Shooter fans will find Light Bowguns a weapon of choice due to familiarity.


One of the great aspects of the Monster Hunter series is how it allows varied gameplay styles across its weapons. Of all the beginner-friendly options, the Lance is one that is best suited for a tank playstyle. Anyone who takes up this weapon would be best to ensure they have armor abilities that draw aggro, since this is a very frontal assault approach to engagement.

Keeping the attention of a looming monster is what the Lance is meant for, as they come with guarding abilities and can counterattack. With aggro drawn, a good Lancer will time their thrusts carefully and not blindly stab the void. This a slower heavy weapon, so new hunters should only consider choosing these if they aim to play like a tank.

Lances are reasonably strong, but raw damage is not a reason to pick them. These are ideal for defensive play, and users who wield them will have to pay close attention to the behavior of their quarry. Countering is one of the best moves Lances have, and they require a bit of timing and careful placement. This is a playstyle for those who wish to live long, but are brave enough to get close.


That’s all for now, but join us next time as we go through the last eight weapons that are a little trickier to use. What weapon will you be using? Sound off in the comments below!

Monster Hunter Rise is available now on Nintendo Switch, and 2022 on Windows PC. A demo is currently available, and you can expect our review soon.



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