Capcom Lists Monster Hunter G for Steam on Japanese Website

Monster Hunter G

Capcom have noted on their Japanese website that Monster Hunter G will be coming to Windows PC, via Steam.

The original Monster Hunter launched in 2004, with Japan getting the expanded G version one year later with additional G-class difficulty quests, weaponry, and monster subspecies. Monster Hunter G was later ported to Nintendo Wii in 2009.

Now, Twitter user Oliver Campbell has discovered Monster Hunter G is listed as coming to Steam on Capcom’s Japanese website. A Steam release would also suggest, but not outright confirm, a western release. No new information was shared on the website.

The move could be deemed unsurprising, given the success of Monster Hunter World; a far cry for Monster Hunter G not coming to the west due to the series not being popular enough at the time. Monster Hunter World was recently announced to have sold 20 million copies, while the Iceborne expansion (as of September 30th) has sold 8.5 million copies.

However, will be a faithful 1:1 port of the original; or will newer features, graphics, and quality of life features be included? Could the game be even adjusted to appeal to new and modern fans who played because of World? We have reached out to Capcom for comment.

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