MMORPG Fate/Grand Order is Coming to Mobile, Has a Teaser Video

Back in August, Type-Moon announced that it was creating an online RPG for the Fate series, called Fate/Grand Order, for iOS and Android mobile devices. Along with the announcement, they released the above trailer.

Fate/Apocrypha was originally supposed to be this MMORPG, but turned into a novel, somehow, so the idea has long been in the works. Some of the things that Type-Moon had in mind for the online RPG back then will be making it into Fate/Grand Order.

(Jump to the end of the image below if you don’t want possible spoilers about this game, or character spoilers for Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Extra or Fate/Extra CCC!)

In Fate/Apocrypha, gameplay would have involved players acting as Masters, and using Servants to battle it out. Series writer Kinoko Nasu had planned for the online game to have a complete story, which would change depending on the Servants’ relationship with their Masters. The story would have concluded with Joan of Arc activating her ultimate Noble Phantasm.

While we don’t know if Fate/Grand Order will stick to Apocrypha‘s planned narrative, we do know that the game will have Holy Grail Wars happening across seven time periods.

Characters confirmed to be in Fate/Grand Order include:

King Arthur (as Saber, center below), Joan of Arc (as Ruler, right below), Shielder (left below), Heracles, Cú Chulainn (as a Caster, this time around), Sakata Kintoki, Jack the Ripper, Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, Berserker, and Shirou Emiya. Shielder was created for Fate/Stay Night but never used, and Sakata Kintoki was intended for Fate/Apocrypha.

fate grand order 2014-12-26

Although he has previously said that Fate/Extra CCC would be his last time writing for the Fate series, Kinoko Nasu is supervising the scenarios for the game, as well as doing scenario writing alongside Higashide Yuichiro and Hikaru Sakurai. Delightworks is developing the game, and Ryosuke Nakamura will be directing the opening at A-1 Pictures. Takashi Takeuchi is credited as the original character and art designer, but the game will feature designs by a number of artists.

The game also got a short TV commercial recently, featured below. A-1 Pictures is responsible for this 15-second clip. The song in the trailer is “Color” by singer/seiyuu Sakamoto Maaya.

Since the game will be on mobile devices, that means they could possibly quite easily localize it for the West. Whether there are any plans for this is unknown at the moment.

Fate/Grand Order should release some time in Spring, 2015, in Japan.

Thanks to the Fate/ Wikia for extra info.

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