Miyamoto teased a new Mario game reveal in a seemingly close Nintendo Direct

new Mario game

With The Super Mario Bros. Movie coming out, the hype surrounding the famous plumber has never been greater. Again this has people wondering when the next title based on the franchise is expected to come out.

Previously, creator Shigeru Miyamoto was asked about this, where he had responded that Nintendo is always working on a Mario game. However this hasn’t stopped the same question from popping up during his interview with Variety.

In the final question they asked about when a new game would be coming out, to which Miyamoto responded with: “stayed tuned to future Nintendo directs.” This is all he is officially able to say on the matter as shown in the video’s subtitles.

A more accurate translation (via VGC), reveals he said, “I can’t say anything in advance, but we have Nintendo Directs every two or three months, so please look forward to those”. This also teased a timeline for a future direct, though May-June has already come to be an expected timeframe for such a direct.

This new statement hints greatly at the possibility a new Mario title will be announced in the coming months, even if a release date may still be a ways away.

Meanwhile, The Super Mario Bros. Movie airs for western audiences on April 5th and April 28th for Japan.

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