Mistwalker Boss Sakaguchi: Not Interested in The Last Story or Blue Dragon Remakes, Would Rather Do Something New

Mistwalker Not Interested in The Last Story or Blue Dragon Remakes

Mistwalker Corp boss and Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi recently said he’s not interested in The Last Story or Blue Dragon remake – instead he wants to “build something new.”

“To be perfectly honest, there aren’t any plans for any remakes at the moment,” Sakaguchi said. “Although they’re called remakes, the amount of effort and resources it would command means the difference is basically nil between [developing] a remake versus a completely new game.”

Sakaguchi said. The news comes from an interview between Sakaguchi and VGC where the creator talks up their next game, Fantasian, and where he sees their team going after that.

He added, “I would personally find myself more attracted to the idea of coming up with another original story or world, or building something new.”

It’s worth noting Mistwalker was started back with Xbox-exclusive and Microsoft-funded debut titles like Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, with The Last Story being their last console game prior to focusing exclusively on smartphone titles.

When asked on whether or not he’d work with Microsoft and Xbox again, Sakaguchi hinted that he’s re-evaluating where or if he’ll continue working in the industry once Fantasian releases.

“To be perfectly honest with you, I haven’t given much thought to the next steps for the company or where we want to go, and I think I could use a bit of vacation time in between now and whatever it is we do next. So we’ll see what happens, it remains to be seen.”

Longtime collaborator Nobuo Uematsu also talked up how Fantasian could be his last full title, suggesting his age and the limitations on how much work he can produce made it difficult for him to make the entire soundtrack for the game.

Fantasian launches 2021 for Mac, iOS (via Apple Arcade), and Apple TV.

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