Missing girl found after she signs into World of Warcraft from kidnapper’s house

WoW Classic

A missing girl was found earlier this month after the FBI discovered her World of Warcraft account had been accessed at an address a thousand miles away.

Thomas Ebersole was arrested at his home in Dunnellon, Florida on January 3. Ebersole had met a 16-year-old girl from Ohio on the popular MMORPG and had taken her from her home in late December.

Reportedly, Ebersole denied knowing the girl at first, but after being caught began to explain that he was in a “romantic relationship” with the girl and had planned to keep her at his house until they could be married.

Investigators had found the missing teen after they had discovered her World of Warcraft account had been accessed from somewhere in Florida, approximately a thousand miles away from her home in Ohio.

Ebersole faces felony charges and is reportedly being held on a $6,000 bail.

The latest expansion World of Warcraft: The War Within is set to launch sometime in 2024. This will be the first expansion released in the wake of Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision-Blizzard.


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