Android metroidvania game MIO: Memories in Orbit announced

MIO: Memories in Orbit

Publisher Focus Entertainment and developer Douze Dixièmes have announced MIO: Memories in Orbit, a new metroidvania game starring an android.

MIO: Memories in Orbit is launching sometime in 2025 for Windows PC (via Steam), Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch, PS4, and PS5.

“Focus teams are delighted to work once again with one of the group’s internal studios: Douze Dixièmes,” said John Bert, Managing Director of Focus Entertainment Publishing. “Its creative talents demonstrate the same inventiveness and unrivaled artistic flair that enchanted us on Shady Part of Me, that will shine through again in this metroidvania with its unique atmosphere. We can’t wait to reveal more about MIO and its world, and to see players immerse themselves in this magnificent experience.”

The Douze Dixièmes team added, “As a partner studio of Focus Entertainment, we’re excited about this new collaboration. As a publisher, they’re always present to support our ideas and help us iterate on the metroidvania formula. After several years in development, we’re very proud of what MIO: Memories in Orbit can bring to the genre, and this first trailer proves it. We can’t wait to show our players even more over the coming months.”

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its reveal trailer:

Revive the Memories of the Vessel

A mesmerizing, intertwined, decaying world awaits.

You are MIO, a nimble robot with extraordinary abilities. You wake up in the Vessel, a space ship drifting aimlessly in space.This enormous technological ark, whose initial purpose remains unknown, lies now as a field of ruins, overgrown with lush vegetation and machines gone rogue.

Nobody knows why the Pearls, The Vessel’s AI caretakers, have ceased functioning. Forgotten by all, the Vessel faces imminent shutdown. Dive into its depths to revive its lost memories, as you unravel your true past and destiny.


  • Explore a Captivating World – Delve into this mesmerizing metroidvania, as you guide MIO through the vast expanse of the Vessel. You won’t be alone on your journey. Repair damaged robots and help them to unveil the Ark’s past and gain valuable bonuses. Interact with the environment to learn more about its past and memories. Unravel the dark secrets behind its tragic blackout. And let your curiosity guide you as you discover its many secret pathways.
  • Behold an Artistic Wonder – Discover a decaying but sumptuous world, featuring handcrafted aesthetics and watercolor backdrops. Inspired by comics, paintings, and anime, its universe is full of wonder and artistic curiosities. Let its unique and dynamic soundtrack, blending lo-fi beats and choral melodies, carry you through this captivating universe.
  • Keep on the Move – As a gigantic labyrinth, the Vessel is a true living organism, with its own ecosystems, bestiaries and architectures. Earn game-changer abilities, like grappling hook, air gliding or spider-like wall clinging, to help MIO progress through this twisted and interconnected space. Master precision, rhythm, and timing to find the perfect flow!
  • Confront a Unique Bestiary – Face off a diverse array of over 30 enemy units and 15 formidable guardian bosses. From the relentless Mosquito to the menacing Scarecrow, confront a variety of deadly adversaries each with their own distinct fighting styles and movement patterns. Use your arsenal of powers to adapt to every encounter. Evade foes using your Hook, unleash orbs as powerful projectiles, and even create decoy clones to strike from unexpected angles.
  • Loot, Upgrade, Master – Enhance and customize MIO abilities by scavenging enemy components. Spice up your fighting skills with many Modifiers and transform MIO into a formidable force tailored to your playstyle. Would you make your grappling Hook a deadly lasso or an evade move? Sacrifice your Shield to boost your damage? It’s always your choice!

Will you rise to the challenge and save the Vessel from oblivion? Will you dare to seek and wake its memories?

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