Minecraft patch 1.20 allows players to customize armor appearance

Minecraft Armor Trim

An upcoming Minecraft patch will allow players to customize their armor with new “armor trims”.

These trims can be found as a pattern in-game and will allow players to use different materials to color them in.

Previously, armor had a pretty standard appearance based on what material it was made of (leather, iron, gold, diamond).

Armor trims are available on the latest “Snapshot” (test build) of Minecraft and were announced on the game’s official Twitter page:

Introducing armor trims, a NEW 1.20 feature available to try in today’s snapshot!

Customize the look of your armor:

Find smithing template items throughout the world and take them to a smithing table. Mix and match materials to create your own special look!

Players will also be able to show off their style online, though these trims might not play nice with texture packs when they first release.

The new armor trims will be customizable with mix and match designs and colors. Designs will need to be discovered out in the world, colors can be chosen using different building materials for the trim.

Minecraft is available now on all major platforms.

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