Minecraft Education Edition mobile is available to all now

Minecraft Education Edition mobile

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world thanks to its sandbox style of gameplay, allowing near limitless things to create or occur. One such thing that a lot of people have used it for is education.

Minecraft Education Edition has been available for PC for quite some time now, providing a tool for teachers when teaching their students concepts such as STEM and mathematics. Now the mobile port of this version is “available to everyone”, in open beta form.

There are also new features added into the beta of this version that many users of the standard Minecraft, now with Java and Bedrock bundled together, are used to.

The new features includ things like the new world generation which came with the Caves and Cliffs Part 2 update late last year. Mojang also noted other improvements in the new post about this newest beta update like improved multiplayer and updates to Code Builders.

“Now you can learn on the go! Try Minecraft Education Edition on mobile devices in our new Beta, available to everyone,” the developer said on Twitter. “Users can also look forward to improved multiplayer, and updates to Code Builders and the Library.”

This new beta of a mobile version for Minecraft Education Edition should prove to be useful in the classroom. Some students may not have easy access to a computer, compared to that of a smartphone with iOS or Android, which can also run the game.

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