Miitomo Update Includes Miitopia and Fire Emblem Mobile Hints

The latest update to Nintendo’s smartphone app Miitomo may include hints towards upcoming games from the company.

First, users have found an unused loading screen in the app, saying:

Have you heard of Miitopia for Nintendo 3DS? It’s an RPG for Mii characters! Its name is quite similar to Miitomo, so don’t mix them up!

Miitopia is a (currently) Japan-only RPG that hasn’t been mentioned by Nintendo of America until this point.

Also in the update, data miners found some interesting references to the previously announced Fire Emblem mobile game.

This not only leads them to believe that the two games will have some form of crossover (likely in the form of wallpapers and outfits for Miitomo), but that the Fire Emblem mobile title will be coming soon.

Meanwhile, if you need a new Nintendo fix on your phone, Super Mario Run releases tomorrow on iOS.

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