Mighty No. 9 Teases New Gameplay Footage

The crowd-funded spiritual successor to Mega-Man, Mighty No 9, released some new gameplay footage earlier today. The gameplay footage was released during a recent update on the progress of the game.

The game, slated for release during the Spring of 2015, and it’s going very strong and confidently. Here in this 90 second gameplay footage, we can see the various particle effects and gameplay mechanics.

As you can see, it clearly is very much inspired by the blue-bomber from platforming mechanics to movement and shooting.

We also got a look at the final design for Beck’s partner, Call:

mighty no. 9 06-30-14-1

The design was shown off in a cute vignette by Inti Creates designer Yuji Natsume, who dubs it the “New Style Call.”

Keep an eye out as more of the this game becomes unveiled.

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  1. R353ARCH
    July 1, 2014 at 10:38 pm

    In regards to game: awesome! Good luck to Comcept.

    In regards to name choices: hmmm.