Might and Magic Legacy Release Date Revealed

If you’re like me and you’re an oldschool Might & Magic fan who is looking forward to Limbic Entertainment’s new sequel but haven’t tried the early access beta for fear it would ruin your first impressions of it (surely there are others!), then you thankfully won’t have long to wait to play the finished product.

According to the developers, the game will be formally released on Steam this upcoming January 23rd. Perhaps owing to its developers being based in Germany, the boxed version of the game will only be released across the pacific while US gamers will have to settle for digital downloads to get their long-awaited Might & Magic fix.

This tenth installment of the main series is doing the same thing the 6th one did, which is using the strategy spin-off (Heroes of) as a launchpad to setup its story. Though it’s based in Heroes of Might and Magic’s world of Ashan, the developers have hinted during interviews that connections with earlier games will be present.



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