Middle of Nowhere – An Up and Coming Indie Survival Horror Game

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So Middle of Nowhere is the brain child of a talented British composer/sound designer, Aaron Wilde. It’s a survival horror game that definitely gives me Silent Hill meets Slenderman vibes. I know what you’re thinking – how can something so scary & creepy in theory actually exist?!

In the game you play as the protagonist named Isaac, a single father of a peculiar girl named Emily. Emily suffers from having premonitions and hallucinations of a place she refers to as “Nowhere”. Worried that his daughter is mentally disturbed, Isaac does what any caring parent does – he seeks a specialist to help diagnose these visions she’s having.

En route to go see a doctor, Isaac ends up in a horrific car crash that seems to kill him and possibly Emily – only to have him wake up in Nowhere, the very place Emily spoke of. Isaac quickly realizes she’s gone and sets out to find her and escape from the horrors of Nowhere.

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The story is very reminiscent of Silent Hill while the style, music and such are as well. This is definitely not a bad thing as the original games were survival horror classics, this game is seeking to definitely capture that magic.

The area known as Nowhere is described as a post-apocalyptic world, covered by a heavy fog. Your mission is to piece together clues as to how this world vanished from the Earth that we know and how Emily is involved, with the ultimate goal of saving her.

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The mood of the game is definitely a very ominous, encroaching feeling of dread – like all classic survival horror experiences. The team isn’t going for lots of jump-scares (a la Dead Space), but there definitely will be moments that will scare you the bejesus out of you.

Taking another page out of the games that inspired it, Middle of Nowhere will have a focus on helplessness, limited supplies and very challenging enemies. The game will have a clear story but will encourage exploration throughout the various abandoned and creepy areas.

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You can check out their facebook here. You can also check out their site here. I think the game has a lot of potential, it just needs the proper boost in resources to achieve the vision the current team has.

Coming from this, the team at VisionArts has been approved for a Kickstarter and will be putting it up soon, as soon as it’s available we’ll be covering it here. They’ve also put their game on Steam’s Greenlight program.

So what do you guys think – does this game have the chops to capture that same experience classic survival horror games have?



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