Microsoft Teams Blocked Android Users From Dialing 911

Microsoft Teams Blocked Android Users From Dialing 911

Traditional phones are gone and have been replaced by handheld, multi-use computers. The vast number of apps can introduce bugs, as one with Microsoft Teams blocked Android users from dialing 911.

Editor’s Note: A spokesperson from Microsoft has reached out to offer the following statement on this story:

“We are aware of Google’s plans to roll-out an Android platform update in January. We are working on an update to our own application to avoid triggering the underlying Android operating system issue. We are collaborating closely with Google to resolve this unintended interaction.”

While the news that Microsoft Teams blocked Android users from dialing 911 is certainly hard to believe from the initial report via a Reddit user, Google followed up to confirm they have reproduced the critical issue “under a limited set of circumstances.”

Furthermore, Google confirmed that they believe the issue is only present “on a small number of devices” that also have the Microsoft Teams app installed, and only when the user is not actually logged into Microsoft Teams. Coming from this, Google said any users running Android 10+ and are using Teams should make sure they’re signed into the account, else you should just uninstall the Teams app.

Google noted they determined the issue is caused by an unintended interaction between the Microsoft Teams app and the Android operating system itself, and as this is a critical issue preventing some users from emergency calling, both companies are prioritizing getting it resolved.

While it remains to be seen when Microsoft will roll out an update for the Microsoft Teams app on Android, Google is optimistic that update will “be rolled out soon.” They also confirmed they’ll release an update to the Android OS on January 4th.

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