Microsoft Planning to Bring Xbox Game Pass to Apple Devices

Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass which is currently available on Xbox One, Windows PC, and now streamable to Android devices, might be coming to Apple iOS devices.

As reported by Business Insider, the head of Microsoft’s gaming division Phil Spencer reportedly told employees about plans to bring the Xbox Game Pass to Apple devices. Games can currently be streamed from the Xbox Game Pass to Android phones and tablets in addition to being accessed normally on Windows PC and the Xbox One game console.

Though regardless of Spencer’s plans, Apple has said in the past that it would reject streaming apps such as Xbox Game Pass due to the fact that it would be unable to review each individual game offered through the app.

Apple’s “walled garden” approach to its application market is intended to curate for both quality and safety. However as a side effect, many apps and services are released on Android before iOS, if they’re permitted to be on iOS at all.

Apple has also been criticized for its app store in regards to the cut it takes from virtual currency sales. Most notably, Fortnite¬†from Epic Games has been pulled from the app store. This is due to Epic offering a direct payment option that circumvents Apple’s 30% fee on Fortnite’s “V-Bucks”.

The Xbox Game Pass is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One, and Android devices.

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