Microsoft strikes deal to bring games to other cloud gaming platforms

Nvidia Microsoft Cloud Gaming

Microsoft has recently announced multiple deals with cloud gaming services to bring their games to other platforms.

In an Xbox blog post, Microsoft announced that games such as Deathloop and Gears 5 will be coming to the NVIDIA GeForce NOW cloud gaming service. The company goes on to say “this is the first in a series of partnerships we’re activating to make our PC games available to players globally through a variety of cloud gaming services”.

The announcement reads like it’s almost a direct response to the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority which rejected the merger between Microsoft and Activision-Blizzard on potential chilling effects in the Cloud Gaming market.

The European Commission also had similar worries, but unlike the UK the EU chose to allow the deal despite their misgivings.

The proposed merger between the two companies has been beset by criticism largely stemming from competitor Sony. To answer the concerns of both Sony and regulators, Microsoft has reached out to multiple platform holders to ensure Call of Duty has parity among competitors.

Cloud gaming appears to be the latest battlefront that Microsoft has to confront as criticisms of the deal pivot from Call of Duty to cloud gaming.



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