Microsoft is Going to Start Reprimanding Naughty Xbox Live Users

xbox live reputation 03-27-14-1

The days where you have to deal with angry, confused pre-pubescants (and adults) yelling horrible, racist, and or disgusting things at you over Xbox Live may be coming to an end. Microsoft is implementing a reputation system for Xbox Live users on the Xbox One sometime in the remainder of this month.

There are three types of reputation levels, “Good Players,” “Need Work,” and “Avoid Me.” The algorithm that used to determine your current reputation won’t actually penalize you for a bad report over a few weeks of play, and it will adjust for false reports from users trying to illegitimately trying to flag you.

The ones who fall into the green, or “Good Players,” will be rewarded for their excellent behavior with some unannounced rewards that will be revealed sometime in the future.

The player who fall into the yellow and orange brackets, or those labeled as “Need Work,” will start to actually receive notifications on their effects in the various game communities they take part in, encouraging them to have more positive interaction with their fellow gamers. These warnings are all based off the community feedback collected since the Xbox One launched last November.

Finally, those that fall into the dreaded red or “Avoid Me,” bracket will start to get real, tangible penalties like reduced matchmaking pairings, and they might even be blocked from using services like Twitch broadcasting, just in case they wanted to show off a little too much skin or something.




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