Microsoft hires renowned appeals lawyer to fight UK regulator

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While officially the UK’s CMA have blocked Microsoft’s attempt to acquire Activision-Blizzard, practically everyone was aware this didn’t mean the end of the fight for the merger as the company would appeal.

Now Microsoft have called onto the services of renowned appeals lawyer Daniel Beard KC. The appeals lawyer previously worked with major tech companies such as Apple and Intel in rulings regarding EU law. In fact, he even saved the latter from a $1 billion+ fine.

His hiring is confirmation that the company plans on appealing the ruling, which they have yet to do in an official capacity, but are expected to in the coming days.

Beard is not the only lawyer representing them in this case. Beth Wilkinson, best known for successfully arguing for the death penalty for the Oklahoma City bomber, and more recently with her work on the investigation on sexual harassment claims such as the Washington Football Team, is also on their team.

Due to the process of appealing, it’s likely that their fight will take the merger well past its closing date of July 18th. However, according to analysis over the situation, Microsoft and Activision-Blizzard are both hopeful of the merger and will likely come to an agreement of extending the deadline.



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