Microsoft possibly considering cheaper, ad-supported Game Pass tier

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Recent pieces of information have surfaced that suggest Microsoft may be considering an ad-supported tier for their Xbox Game Pass service.

The first (via Windows Central) is a recent survey passed on to some Game Pass users which asks their opinion on another lower tier for the service.

The survey suggests a much lower monthly cost at just 3 Euros, and presumably USD as well, which would be supported with advertisements. This new tier would also come with limitations, such as new titles only releasing after six months rather than day one.

Another piece of information which suggests they might be considering this is a patent which is revolves around providing personalized content, while not intruding on gameplay.

This would mean that they are working on tech to serve ads in the middle of gameplay, which would make sense for an ad-supported tier.

It’s worth reiterating that all these tidbits surfacing now doesn’t mean that Microsoft will commit to creating such a tier.

While there may be a patents, many go unused for various reasons and them asking in a survey could mean the idea doesn’t go through with its fans, albeit we currently do know not how most have answered this question.

That said, if Microsoft does go through with this, then they’d be following in the footsteps of other popular streaming services who have created their own ad-supported tiers recently, such as Disney+ and Netflix.



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