Microsoft execs accused of misconduct by dozens of current and former staff

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A new report has allegations that Microsoft executives verbally abused workers and failed to address concerns by staff.

The new report (via Business Insider) has accusations from former Microsoft employees that a group of high-level executives allegedly conducted workplace misconduct.

These complaints range from verbally abusing workers to “cut them down” in front of other employees, to downplaying the contributions made by female staff.

The employees have specifically names the individuals of whom they allege have done misconduct at the workplace.

The accused staff include former executive vice president Terry Myerson, HoloLens lead developer Alex Kipman, and Product and Engineering head Tom Keane. Allegedly, complaints from employees have gone unaddressed when filed against them.

Myerson has been accused of having “a history of verbally abusing employees”, while Keane was stated to have “cut people down to pieces” in front of other workers. There is even an allegation by staff that Kipman was caught looking at VR pornography during a staff meeting.

The circumstances surrounding these allegations have also been related to Microsoft’s purchase of Activision-Blizzard, who also had their own scandal regarding workplace misconduct and sexual harassment. One employee is quoted in saying, “We can’t even take care of our own house, and now we just bought one in worse condition.”


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