Micro handheld Playdate releases five new games


There’s no need to be cranky, Playdate is bringing five more games to its September catalog.

Here’s a rundown on the micro handheld’s lineup:

Digging out Halloween decorations from a box labeled “Spooky Stuff”, Panic is here to share the latest group of games arriving later today to Catalog – their curated on-device and web-based games store for Playdate – as well as recap the games that came to Catalog earlier in September.

Out Today:

Castle Tintagel – A ‘classicvania’ retro action platformer.
Crank Shaft – A pseudo-3D puzzler where you control a bouncing ball through a crankshaft.
You Cannot Go Back! – A quick-to-play adventure game which will test your memory, skill, and reflexes.
Pikki Rikki – A 2D platformer where you play as a bunny collecting coins and picking plants!
Pulpergeist – A classic point-and-click adventure game made for Playdate with Pulp, Playdate’s web-based game-making tool.

Released on September 12, 2023:

Resonant Tale – A classic top-down action-adventure game, pocket-sized.
Life’s Too Short: A Christmas Spirit – A holiday edition in the “Life’s Too Short” top-down adventure series.
IFO – Use the crank to spin round and round and shoot down UFOs in this exhilarating shoot-’em-up.
Pulse – A stripped-down action-puzzle game made exclusively for Playdate.
Slitherlink PD -A logic puzzle game in a similar vein to Picross or Minesweeper.

You can order the Playdate for $199 on the official site, or check out the September catalog here.


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