Mew-Genics Will Have Different Characters on Different Days

mew-genics ss 1

Mew-Genics, the mysterious new game by the guys at Team Meat, will have a very unique feature pertaining to how often you play the game.

The game will swap in and out characters on a daily basis, a schedule that will change depending on the time of the day and of the week. Mew-Genics co-creator Edmund McMillen confirmed the new feature via the game’s blog.

Each of these side character within Mew-Genics will have a different role from the main cast. Side characters can apparently give you a gift, or assist in something crazy like helping you “break into the cat genetics lab.” Some side characters will never make a physical appearance, they’ll only communicate with you in writing. McMillen teased how demanding the side characters can be:

“Most of these new side characters will appear and ask something of you.”

Although the game is still in development with no release date to be seen, it was revealed back in 2012. We’ll keep you guys posted.

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