More New Details: Mevius Final Fantasy’s Battle System Uses a Plump Chocobo

mevius final fantasy 2015-03-27

Square Enix have released new info, screenshots, and artwork for Mevius Final Fantasy, an upcoming FF entry for mobile phones. Producer Yoshinori Kitase has also announced that the mobile game will be a free-to-play title, which will be available this spring in Japan.

Find all the updates below (courtesy of Inside Games), and watch the first trailer for the game here.


The protagonist (who “may have had innumerable battles”) wakes in the world of Paramitia with no memory. But he is not the only one. Other outsiders have also come into this world. All of them are known as “Blanks”. This world has been invaded by demonic armies led by “Chaos”, but it is said that a Blank will rise against the enemy and save the world. The protagonist may be this Warrior of Light. Players must battle to bring hope to Paramitia.


Sarah Lotte Cornelia

Sarah is the princess of the Cornelia House of the Paramitian Kingdom. She has the appropriate bearing for a princess: she is noble, fastidious, and charming. She has been waiting for the Warrior of Light to appear.


Mog the Moogle feels that there is something special about the protagonist, and for this reason decides to guide the newcomer on his journey. Moogles can share their memories and senses amongst themselves.

Battle Abilities


By continuously attacking the enemy, you’ll reduce its “Break Gauge.” When it reaches zero, the enemy will “break” and weaken, creating the ideal opportunity to attack.


Players acquire “Elements” when they attack enemies. Abilities require a certain number of Elements of the corresponding affinity. Usable abilities appear on-screen, and tapping them will execute the ability. Battles aren’t about twitch combat, but about best utilizing one’s available options. Auto Abilities are activated by setting them in the deck.

Onion Knight

A guardian that protects onion warriors.

  • Ability: Earth Sword—an earth-based attack that consumes four Earth Elements and targets one enemy.
  • Auto Ability: HP Up—if the player has four earth attribute Elements, the Earth Sword ability can be triggered.

Plump Chocobo

A generously proportioned and rare Chocobo.

  • Ability: Barrier—raises defense for eight turns, for the cost of two Elements. Non-stackable.
  • Auto Ability: HP Up


The cold-hearted queen of the ice world.

  • Ability: Blizzaga—a water-based attack that requires six Water Elements and attacks all enemy units. Creates chunks of huge ice and fires them at an area around the target to deal great damage.

Elemental Attributes

In addition to other attributes, four Elemental attributes exist: fire, water, wind, and earth. Enemies may be strong and weak against certain Elements.

Element Drive: Increase Resistance

The Elements that players will collect can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes. Players can consume Elements of certain attributes to increase the protagonist’s resistance toward that attribute.

Field Map & World

Although players will move through the game world by tapping a location on the world map, which will cause the protagonist to walk there on his own, there are some areas that will allow players to directly control the character.



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  1. Furluge
    March 27, 2015 at 9:37 am

    Onion Knight huh? Always glad to see Davos Seaworth getting work outside game of thrones.

  2. Furluge
    March 27, 2015 at 9:38 am

    (Yes I do know it is an old FF thing guys)

  3. InfectedAI
    March 27, 2015 at 10:54 am

    Hopefully it has fair pricing and isn’t ruined by Square’s atrocious DRM like their other mobile games.