Metroid Fangame Remake AM2R Given Mass DMCA Takedown Notice


This Sunday, the fan made remake of Metroid 2, AM2R, had its first full release. This is a project that took 10 years to fulfill and was received with positive reviews and praises about its quality by fans.

However, just a day after the release, websites hosting the game such as the developer’s page and Metroid Database, were given a DMCA notice by Nintendo and forced to remove the files from their websites.

AM2R developer, DoctorM64, has posted he did not get a Cease and Desist letter yet, though. It seems that Nintendo doesn’t mind him working on AM2R, but doesn’t want the game to be shared.

What the future holds for AM2R? DoctorM64 states he will keep fixing the game bugs privately and add new udpates as long as he can, but still needs to figure out what to do about hosting.



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