Metroid Dread Gameplay Trailer Reveals New Abilities, Kraid, and Chozo

Metroid Dread Kraid

The new Metroid Dread gameplay trailer shows new abilities, and the return of Kraid and the Chozo.

As previously reported, this first new Metroid game in 19 years continues the story after Metroid: Fusion. Investigate planet ZDR, and fend off the DNA-extracting E.M.M.I. who will relentlessly pursue you. Use your new parkour and slide abilities to evade them at every turn, learn what twisted these research machines, and finish the Metroid saga.

The new trailer shows some of the new and returning foes Samus will be facing- including Kraid. One major new foe seems to be the Chozo; the alien race that raised Samus and gave her the original power suit.

In the series lore; the Chozo were once mighty warriors, later adapting into a more scholar-like race. Metroid: Samus Returns hinted that after the Metroid bio-weapon grew out of control, conflict within the race had begun, while other Chozo had never abandoned their warlike ways. A prior trailer seemed to show the Chozo warriors overthrowing a priest or authoritative figure.

These Chozo warriors seem to be still alive, and incredibly hostile. While they could be mere machines, the nature of the Chozo-suit technology makes it hard to determine if there is a lifeform behind those red glowing eyes.

We also see some of the new and returning abilities players will have. These include air-dashing, freeze missiles, the Spazer beam, power bombs, the grapple beam now able to pull objects around, homing missiles, screw attack, speed boost, shinespark, melee counters, and more

You can find the new trailer below.

Metroid Dread launches October 8th on Nintendo Switch.

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