Meta community manager was fired after being exposed in amateur pedophile sting

We’ve learned the Meta community manager was fired after admitting to engaging in a sexually explicit conversation with a presumed 13-year old boy in a livestreamed video.

The new report comes via Predator Catchers Indianapolis, where Jeren Andrew Miles, the Meta community manager was fired and is no longer employed as Manager of Community Development at Meta (formerly Facebook).

The two hour video uploaded to PCI’s YouTube channel depicts a confrontation between the amateur activists and the former Meta employee in a hotel room. During the confrontation, Jeren Andrew Miles admits to engaging in a text conversation with who he presumed to be a 13-year old boy.

After exchanging pictures, the 36-year old man referred to the boy as “babe” and “cutie,” admitted that he was “always horny,” and expressed interest in “exploring things whenever you feel ready.” The conversation included explicit descriptions of sexual activities and Miles later stated that “I won’t have any restraint around you if I’m horny.”

PCI stated in the video that they found Miles because he shared the hotel and room in which he was staying with the perceived 13-year old boy, although he told them that he was just flirting and had no intention of actually following through with an in-person meeting.

The story was originally broken by Andy Ngo on his Locals page and later picked up by Daily Caller, who confirmed that Miles was no longer employed at Meta.

Jeren Miles’ personal information has been removed from several social networks, although a screenshot of his LinkedIn profile can be found on The Post Millennial. Miles’ name has also been removed from the staff page for LGBTQ+ civil rights organization Equality California, although an archived page from 2020 shows that he was a member of the organization’s Board of Directors.

Meta has made no official comment regarding Jeren Miles’ departure, perhaps due to the fact that they don’t want to attract any more negative attention after accusations of running a platform that potentially exposes children to abuse. However, Facebook’s Policy Communications Manager Drew Pusateri made a comment to TechCrunch stating that the company is “actively investigating this situation.” Bafflingly, Pusateri also discouraged TechCrunch from sharing the story.

But as the accusers in the PCI video said to Miles, it makes sense to be up front about these kinds of things in order to get the help that is necessary— especially when attempting to be the face of a new trend in gaming that’s already attracted a great deal of criticism.

At the time of writing, Miles has not been charged with any crimes.

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