Melon Books Akihabara’s top 10 Comiket 103 doujinshi

Comiket 103

Melon Books Akihabara, a popular distributor of otaku material, has ranked the best doujinshi that were available at Comiket 103.

Comiket is known for being a popular place for artists to sell their adult doujinshi, which are often parodies of existing franchises, or original material.

Those with a penchant for adult works will appreciate the ranking, as it might recommend some must-read titles.

The store actually provided a top 100 ranking, but here’s just the top 10 (each cover can be found via the link):

  1. Getsuyoubi no Tawawa Sono XVI
  2. Idaraku
  3. FateGO/MEMO8
  4. Chaldea Emission 4 Lost Material
  5. Motokare to wa Dekinakatta Sexshite mo Ii desu ka?
  6. Suke Onaka 3
  7. Date Hiyori
  8. Otaku Tomodachi to no Sex wa Saikou ni Kimochii 2
  9. Hitodzuma Taishin no Sonzaishinai Kioku 5
  10. Ganbare Douki-chan 11


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